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Residential Outside Patio Heater

backyard outdoor heater
Backyard outdoor infrared heater.


Infrared outdoor patio heat can extend the use of any backyard by adding controlled heat to your backyard patio.

Professional installation is important to insure even heat throughout the patio area.

Outside backyard patio heater
Outside backyard patio heater


Infrared patio heaters are the best not only because they are safer than “umbrella patio heaters”, but they provide more even heat over a wider area, and are more efficient because they are professionally installed.

Outside residential patio heater
Outside home patio heater



This is a great example of a very attractive outdoor home patio setting. The Patio Enhancement Group Infrared Heaters are spaced to provide even, complete heating throughout the home patio area.

Outdoor heaters with pergola




This outdoor patio heating environment is inviting to guests, and provides comfort in colder weather.

The condo patio heater below is sized perfectly to heat this residential patio evenly.

Outdoor condo patio heater
Outdoor Condo Patio Heater








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